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Toronto is an excellent urban are to live, work in, or maybe just to visit. The Torontonians ha a high quality life and safe reliable services. Toronto is one of the safest urban places in the world. Here in this city of Canada We have nice buildings featuring antique and contemporary constructions with enhanced views through different types of windows made to resist harsh Canadian climates from summer to winter. The following is a description of the most common window in Toronto.

Casement Windows Toronto

What is a casement window? It is a unit that swings open outward or inward swinging on hinges just Like a door and fitted either with a handle or a latch to crank the window open.

Awning Windows Toronto

This is a system like a casement window hinged on top that hangs horizontally swinging outward like an awning. Be them a shinny or rainy days awning units can easily improve ventilation, especially hot places. Awning windows are easy to combine with other vinyl windows styles

Double Hung windows Toronto

A double-hung window features a lower and upper sash that slide vertically up or down in a single casement. It's a standard design, being a good pick when needed to boost the interior look of the house with wood embellishments. Purchasing double hung windows can help you save money ordering a larger window instead of two small casement windows because they come in very large widths.

Single Slider Window

One sash is a fixed panel to half side of the window while the other one moves and opens to the right or left gliding from side to side horizontally. This type of element also has a screen that covers the open part of the window with Sliding panels well designed to dismount inside for easy cleaning. Windows and Doors Companies Directory.

Single Hung Windows

Is the common and basic type of window in Toronto and they are sometimes called fixed window. The unit is built of two sashes, one on the bottom that moves vertically and another one on the top that is static. The mayor problem with a single hung is the limitation of air circulation because the fixed panel. Also, because it opens up instead of out, they take no exterior space when opened making the suitable for areas, such as patios, verandas, adjoining walkways and other traffic spots.

Double Slider window

Designed for any type of climate, double slider windows have two side-by-side sashes that both slide horizontally. It's announced as one of the most valuable in the Toronto window market. They are first choice for all types of building allowing you a panoramic view and a picturesque scene and excellent ventilation.
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